We thoroughly inspect your casings to ensure they meet our high retreading standards. Our inspectors look for every cut, bruise and puncture as well as other damage to the tyre body.


Buffing removes the old, worn tread design. The Bandag buffer works like a lathe as the tyre is buffed, truing your inflated casing with utmost precision.

The Bandag NDI* is an ultrasonic casing analyser that inspects the tyre for damage that is hidden from normal visual inspection. This non destructive inspection helps detect hidden defects, resulting in a more reliable and safer retreaded tyre.

*Not all Bandag dealers have NDI equipment
repairRepair & Bonding Application

Bandag repairs meet or exceed the Australian and New Zealand Standards. The repair materials are designed specifically for today's new generation tyres. Bandag's unique Bonding rubber is applied to the casing or to the back of the tread.

Tread rubber is applied to the casing while the tyre is inflated. When cured the bond created between the tread rubber and the case is stronger than any other bond within the tyre.

Bandag bonds new tread rubber to your casing using a low curing temperature. No excessive heat or rigid metal moulds means your casings avoid the stress associated with other retreading processes.
inspectionFinal Inspection

Every Bandag retread we produce is thoroughly inspected before it leaves our shop. The last place we want to discover a tyre problem is after the tyre is back in service.

The exclusive Bandag manufacturing process ensures a quality product every time.