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NDI technology
NDI transmitters

The superior performance and reliability of Bandag Cold Process retreads have made Bandag the world leader in retreading. This unique process gives your tyres increased kilometres, longer casing life, minimum downtime and increased performance.

The Bandag retreading process is the most efficient way to replace your worn tyres and guarantees exceptional performance for trucks, buses, earth moving equipment and industrial vehicles.

The Bandag NDI (non destructive inspector) can scan the entire truck tyre range pinpointing air leaks but more importantly detecting any separations that may be hidden deep inside the tyre casing. This allows the operator to determine the best use for your casings, eliminating guesswork which may lead to the early retirement of a perfectly good tyre.


Locating Air Leaks

Before scanning, casings are buffed, ensuring surface irregularities won’t disrupt the ultrasonic inspection. After mounting the tyre on the NDI, the operator inflates the casing ready for inspection. Receivers above the rotating casing detect any escaping air and mark the location of any air leak missed on visual inspection. 


Ultrasonic sound waves are sent from the transmitters, through the casing to banks of sensitive receivers and then to the computer.
The computer identifies any casing separations and on determining their severity, marks the casing for further attention by the operator who is aided by the NDI monitor.
The monitor displays the size, severity and location of any casing separations. This allows the operator to repair flaws hidden deep inside the tyre that could otherwise cause  failure once the tyre is put back into service.

With the Bandag NDI Analyser...

We can reject unserviceable and unsafe casings, reducing the potential for road failure and costly downtime saving you time and money.
Bandag retreads are the safest and most reliable replacement tyres on the market. That is why more trucks and buses run on Bandag than any other brand of tyre. 
NDI machine
NDI Monitor